Correcting Tax Deducted at Source Made Easy

Welcome to Trisuka, your reliable partner for all your financial and taxation needs. Our team of experienced Chartered Accountants is dedicated to providing seamless TDS correction services, ensuring that your Tax Deducted at Source records are accurate and in compliance with tax laws. We will explore what TDS correction entails, the essential documents required, step-by-step guidance, eligibility criteria, and the benefits of availing TDS correction services.


TDS Correction

TDS correction is the process of rectifying any errors or discrepancies in Tax Deducted at Source records. It is crucial to maintain accurate TDS information to avoid potential issues with tax authorities and ensure smooth business operations. Trisuka’s experts are adept at identifying and rectifying TDS errors, providing you with a stress-free experience.

To initiate the TDS correction process, you will need the following essential documents:

  • TDS certificates issued by the deductor (Form 16, Form 16A, etc.).
  • Original PAN card and photocopy.
  • Valid proof of income and tax payment (Form 26AS).
  • Corrected challans, if any tax has been deposited with incorrect details.

Trisuka simplifies the TDS correction process for you with the following step-by-step guidance:

  • Error Identification: Our experts meticulously review your TDS certificates and financial documents to identify any discrepancies.
  • Document Collection: We assist you in gathering all the necessary documents required for the correction process.
  • Preparing Correction Statement: Our team prepares a comprehensive correction statement with accurate details and reasons for correction.
  • Submission to Tax Authorities: Once the correction statement is ready, we submit it to the relevant tax authorities on your behalf.
  • Verification and Approval: The tax authorities review the submitted correction statement and, upon approval, update your TDS records.

TDS correction is applicable in the following scenarios:

  • Incorrect deduction amount: When the TDS deducted is higher or lower than the actual liability.
  • Incorrect PAN details: If there are errors in the deductee’s PAN details.
  • Challan errors: In case of mistakes in challan details, such as challan serial number or payment amount.

Availing TDS correction services from Trisuka offers several advantages:

  • Compliance Assurance: TDS correction ensures that your tax records comply with the latest regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties and legal issues.
  • Improved Accuracy: Rectifying TDS errors leads to accurate financial reporting and prevents any discrepancies in your tax liability calculations.
  • Smooth Tax Filing: Correct TDS records make the income tax return filing process smoother and hassle-free.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Having precise TDS records enhances your credibility as a responsible taxpayer and can positively impact your business relationships.
  • Avoiding Litigation: TDS correction helps you avoid tax-related litigation and saves time and resources that may be spent on legal proceedings.


  1. Can I rectify TDS errors on my own, without professional assistance?
    While minor errors can be corrected, seeking professional assistance from Trisuka ensures accuracy and adherence to complex tax regulations.

  2. Is there a time limit for TDS correction submissions?
    Yes, TDS corrections must be filed within the stipulated time frame, and our experts will ensure timely submissions on your behalf.

  3. Can I apply for TDS correction for previous financial years?
    Yes, you can correct TDS errors for past financial years, provided the time limits for corrections are met.

  4. Will I receive any intimation after TDS correction is processed?
    Yes, you will receive an intimation from the tax authorities once the TDS correction is processed and updated in your records.

  5. What if my TDS correction request gets rejected?
    In the event of rejection, our team will work with you to understand the reasons and make the necessary amendments for resubmission.

**Please note that while these answers provide a general understanding, it is always advisable to consult with professionals or legal experts for specific guidance to your unique circumstances.