Enabling businesses to participate in government tenders and contracts.

Welcome to Trisuka, your trusted partner for all your financial needs. We understand the importance of GeM (Government e-Marketplace) registration for businesses in India. We will provide you with a comprehensive overview of GeM registration, including its purpose, necessary documents, steps to be followed, eligibility criteria, and benefits.


Government e-Marketplace Registration

GeM registration is a process through which businesses can register on the Government e-Marketplace platform, an online marketplace established by the Government of India. GeM aims to facilitate procurement of goods and services by various government departments and organizations, enabling businesses to participate in government tenders and contracts.

To register on GeM, the following documents are generally required:

  • PAN (Permanent Account Number) of the business owner or authorized signatory
  • Aadhaar card of the business owner or authorized signatory
  • Digital signature certificate (DSC) of the authorized signatory
  • Business registration documents, such as the certificate of incorporation or partnership deed
  • Bank account details of the business entity
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration certificate
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) or partnership deed, as applicable
  • Any other relevant supporting documents as specified by the GeM authorities
  • Visit the official GeM website or Click Here website for easy registration.
  • Create an account and fill in the necessary details, such as the legal name of the business, address, PAN, and contact information.
  • Provide the requisite documents, including PAN, Aadhaar card, DSC, business registration documents, bank account details, and GST registration certificate, in the prescribed format.
  • Verify the provided information and submit the registration application.
  • Await the verification and processing of your application by the GeM authorities.
  • Once approved, you will receive your unique GeM registration number and login credentials to access the GeM platform.

The following entities are generally eligible to register on GeM:

  • Manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers registered as legal entities under applicable laws, such as companies, partnerships, or proprietorships
  • Businesses possessing a valid PAN, GST registration, and other required documents
  • Businesses complying with the terms and conditions set by GeM authorities

GeM registration offers several benefits to registered businesses, including:

  • Access to government tenders: GeM registration enables businesses to participate in government tenders and contracts, providing access to a wide range of procurement opportunities.
  • Transparency and efficiency: GeM facilitates transparent and efficient procurement processes, streamlining the buying and selling of goods and services for both government buyers and registered businesses.
  • Increased visibility: GeM registration increases the visibility of businesses among government buyers, improving their chances of securing government contracts.
  • Timely payments: GeM ensures timely payments to registered businesses for the goods or services provided, reducing payment delays and improving cash flow.
  • Market expansion: GeM provides a platform for businesses to showcase their products or services to a broader market, beyond traditional channels, thereby expanding their customer base.


  1. Is GeM registration mandatory for all businesses?
    GeM registration is not mandatory for all businesses. However, it is highly recommended for businesses looking to participate in government tenders and contracts. GeM registration enhances the visibility and credibility of businesses among government buyers.

  2. Can a startup register on GeM?
    Yes, startups are eligible to register on GeM. In fact, GeM provides special provisions and benefits for startups to encourage their participation in government procurement processes.

  3. What is the registration fee for GeM?
    GeM registration is free of cost. There is no registration fee required to create an account and participate in the GeM platform.

  4. How long does it take to complete GeM registration?
    The time taken to complete GeM registration may vary depending on the completeness of the application and the processing time of the GeM authorities. It usually takes a few weeks to a couple of months.

  5. Can I update my registration details on GeM?
    Yes, you can update your registration details on GeM as and when required. It is important to keep your information up to date to ensure accuracy and compliance with GeM requirements.

**Please note that while these answers provide a general understanding, it is always advisable to consult with professionals or legal experts for specific guidance to your unique circumstances.